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Yuka Fukuoka

Yuka Fukuoka is from Japan, and studied Information and Service Design at Tama Art University, Japan. After graduating she worked at Yahoo! Japan as a designer and then attended the University of Tokyo’s Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies as a research student.

Lang Qin

Lang Qin comes from China with a Masters degree in Architecture from University College London. After graduation she taught architecture design at Southwest University for Nationalities in China. She is interested in exploring social justice, gender, and ethnic minorities.

Lee Sean

He is currently a researcher and head of community for an upcoming book by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms about new power in business, media and politics, scheduled for publication by Penguin Random House in 2017. Lee-Sean holds a bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard and a master’s degree from ITP.

Cheryl Heller

Cheryl created the Ideas that Matter program for Sappi in 1999, which has since given almost $13 million to designers working for the public good. She advised Paul Polak and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum on the exhibit, “Design for the Other 90%.”

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